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Key points for door and window caulking, foaming agent VS cement, which one is better?


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When installing doors and windows, how should the gaps between the opening and the window frame be dealt with? The door and window measuring tape and final production size will be 1-2cm smaller than the window to facilitate later installation and avoid direct contact between the window frame and the wall. The remaining gaps need to be filled. So what does caulking do?


1. It can weaken the influence of stress on doors and windows. Doors and windows will be strained by wind pressure, and corresponding resistance deformation will occur inside the profile. Long-term use may cause damage to the wall around the window frame or cracking of the colloid. Caulking well can play a role in shock absorption and increase stability.

2. It can reduce the risk of water seepage in doors and windows. During the installation of doors and windows, the gaps between the window frame and the wall is generally filled with weather-resistant glue. If water leakage may occur due to later aging, door and window caulking is equivalent to adding a barrier inside and outside the window frame to reduce the risk of water seepage in doors and windows.


3. It can reduce the risk of window sinking. Generally, cement mortar or a qualified foaming agent is used to fill the window frame joints, which can play a certain supporting role.

Regarding how to choose caulking materials, lets talk about which foaming agent or cement mortar is more suitable in terms of price, performance and operability.

Lets talk about the price first. The cost-effectiveness of cement mortar is higher than that of foaming agents. The mortar caulking operation is complex and the construction period is long. The cost of using cement caulking is relatively high when considering labor costs.

Lets talk about performance. In terms of coping with the stress of doors and windows, due to the significant difference in linear expansion coefficient between the cement mortar and the window frame, the ability to cope with the deformation of doors and windows is poor. After curing, when doors and windows respond to various pressures or switches for a long time, cracks are prone to appear on the surface. Affects the overall performance of doors and windows.


The foaming agent is a flexible material, which is equivalent to a shock-absorbing belt when filled between the walls, and has a good effect on alleviating the stress of doors and windows.

As for cement mortar or foaming agent, which one is better? In terms of waterproof performance, because the reasons for water leakage and water seepage in doors and windows are relatively complicated, and the two materials have their own advantages, there has yet to be a conclusion in the door and window industry.


So what issues should we pay attention to when caulking doors and windows?

1. Use foaming agent to fill the gaps. Dust and stains on the window surface should be cleaned before foaming to avoid the problem of weak adhesion. Also note that you need to sprinkle water to increase the humidity of the window to prevent the problems of heartburn and insufficient expansion of large holes in the foaming agent. Check whether there are any missing gaps and fill them in time.

2. When using cement mortar to fill the gaps, the mortar filled into the bottom of the frame must be dense and evenly in contact with the bottom of the frame. The gaps must be dense and without hollows. The mortar between the inside and outside of the door and window openings and the window frame should be filled and smoothed.

In fact, there are many ways to caulk doors and windows, but cement and foaming agent caulking are the two most commonly used in daily use.


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