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The goal of the new climate alliance is to reduce emissions of concrete and cement.


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The United States has formed a new alliance to accelerate the adoption of carbon reduction solutions in infrastructure, which has been jointly initiated with 10 companies.

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(Foaming Agent)

The Decarbonized Cement and Concrete Alliance (DC2) aims to reduce emissions from cement and concrete and advocates for new methods of creating low-carbon building materials. Concrete accounts for 8% of the total emissions and is commonly used as an essential building material. DC2 aims to meet future capacity demands by expanding industrial infrastructure, creating new clean cement and concrete employment opportunities, and promoting environmental justice through industry-wide transformation.

Alliance companies jointly redesign production processes and raw materials, introduce new materials, and even directly seal carbon into concrete. Cement has been used as a carbon capture and storage solution and is touted as a means of decarbonization in the industry.

Foam concrete is a low-carbon building material. The technology has been developed for some time and is relatively mature. The environmental protection application of foam concrete is mainly reflected in building thermal insulation, replacing traditional materials, resource recycling, soil protection, reducing noise pollution, water conservation, moisture prevention and seepage prevention, and green buildings. By promoting these applications, environmental loads can be further reduced, and sustainable development can be achieved.

Building insulation and thermal insulation

Foam concrete can be used as thermal insulation material for buildings to isolate indoor and outdoor temperature differences and keep indoor temperature stable; this helps reduce energy consumption, lowering carbon emissions.

Replacing traditional materials

Foam concrete can be used as a substitute for traditional materials, such as ceramic concrete and slag concrete; this helps to reduce reliance on traditional materials, thereby reducing environmental damage and pollution.

Resource recycling and utilization

The production of foam concrete can be mixed with many industrial wastes, such as fly ash, slag, etc; this reduces production costs and helps with resource recycling, reducing the demand and exploitation of new resources.

Soil protection

Foam concrete can be used to bury pipelines, build dams, etc., effectively protecting the soil and preventing water and soil loss.

Reduce noise pollution

Foam concrete's acoustic insulation properties make it an ideal material for various sound-reducing applications, such as highway sound barriers and sound-absorbing panels. By incorporating foam concrete into these structures, the disturbance caused by traffic noise can be significantly diminished, thus improving the quality of life for nearby residents.

Save water

Foam concrete has various applications, such as road subgrade and roof cushion. It can replace traditional materials like sand and gravel, which require large amounts of water, thereby conserving water resources.

Moisture-proof and anti-seepage measures

Foam concrete boasts exceptional resistance to moisture and seepage, making it an ideal material for waterproofing applications in building basements, roofs, and other areas. Its use can significantly prolong the lifespan of structures.

Concrete Foaming Agent1 

(Concrete Foaming Agent)

Green buildings

Foam concrete, a building material that has minimal impact on the environment, can be employed in constructing environmentally friendly constructs, such as sustainable houses and workspaces, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future for our constructed surroundings.


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