Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP Powder VAE Powder

Appearance: Light powder
N.W. : 25 kg/bag
Utilization of redispersible polymer powder
Improve flow properties
Increased strength in flexural areas
Reducing material water absorption Concrete accelerator product introduction
Dispersible powdered polymer (VAE powder, RDP powder)is white powdery polymer that is commonly used to modify cement- or gypsum mortars.
After mixing water with vinyl acetate, ethylene redispersible, powder, it can quickly be redispersed to form an emulsion. The polymer particles in the cement mortar are retained as a result of water evaporate during the coagulation. The film acts as a polymer-emulsion and can be used to modify the cement mortar. It is extremely flexible and can withstand weather, abrasion, and a wide range of substrates.

Redispersible powder of polymer:

The construction of

can be made more efficient by using redispersible powder.

A redispersible powder that can increase flow performance and reduce sag;

A redispersible powder that can increase cohesion and open time, as well as water retention.

Effect of VAE Redispersible Polymer Powdercan after mortar is cured

Get more tensile strength, bending strength and wear resistance.

Reduce carbonization depth. Parameters of redispersible polymer powder VAE Powder
Items Parameters Appearance White powder Unified content (wt%) ≥98.0 Ash(wt%) 10±2% Bulk density(g/L) 300-500 Particle size 325 pH 6-8 The minimum film forming temperature 0~5
How to store Redispersible Polymer Powder It is recommended that redispersible polymer powder be kept dry and cool. Six months is the recommended time for use.

Please use Edispersible powder early in the season.

Keep r dry in direct sunlight to prevent agglomeration.

Please follow the instructions in . Use edispersible Powder after you have opened the bag.

Square bottom valve bag made of paper-plastic square compound, 25kg each

Packaging can also be custom-made to suit customer's needs.

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