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Overview of Magnesium stearate

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What exactly is Magnesium stearate ?

Magnesium Sterarate, also referred as magnesium octadecanoic, is an organic compound that is synthesized from sodium stearate and magnesium. It is a fine white substance that does not contain sand. it has a distinctive smell that is accompanied by a slippery feeling when it comes into contact with the skin. This product is insoluble in water either ethanol or ether and is mostly used as for lubrication, anti-adhesive agents and glidant. It is ideal for the processing of extracts and oils and the granules produced offer excellent compressibility and fluidity. Useful as a flow aid in direct compression. It is also used as an aid in filtering, as a clarifying agent, and a foaming agent, as well as the suspension agent and thickening agent in liquid preparations.

Areas of application for Magnesium stearate:

1. Magnesium stearate is used in medical and health products

Magnesium stearate , a brand new additional material that can be employed as a film-forming substance that is used in solid formulations. as a thickener for suspension liquid preparations or suspensions, and similar things. Magnesium-stearate is neither toxic nor edible. It is also widely used in the manufacture of healthcare products. It is generally used in the form of a film coating for tablets due to its ability to release health products at precisely timed intervals, in addition to lubrication. Active ingredient.

2. . magnesium stearate that is used in cosmetics

Magnesium stearate can be found in powdery cosmetics, including talcum powder powder, powder, blush and eye shadows, among others. It helps improve the lubricity and adhesion of different powders applied to the skin, specifically covering it, smoothing it, and stretching. Adhesion, absorption, etc.

3. Magnesium stearate can be found in food items.

Magnesium , stearate, is typically used on foods that have been pressed (tablet candy milk tablets, nut chips as well as dietary fibre tablets, honey tablets and so on. ) It can enhance liquidity, antistickiness, and lubricity, and can improve the surface of the tablet. The gloss helps make the tablets completely smooth and is a requirement for process addition.

Furthermore, magnesium stearate can be frequently used in coatings as well as rubber, plastics textiles, and various other industrial fields.

It is a great lubricating and dispersion stabilizing auxiliary. It can also serve as an aid to filtering, a clarifying agent, foaming agent, and the thickener and suspending agent as a liquid preservative.

Magnesium stearate The harmful substance is detrimental to human bodies

Magnesium stearate can be found insoluble in organic solutions and water, but soluble in hot acids and ethanol. When the body ingestions magnesium stearateand magnesium stearate has a chemical reaction that reacts to gastric acid and forms magnesium chloride and stearic acid. Magnesium chloride is soluble in the water and can eliminate it by sweat and urine. Furthermore, stearic acid can be consumed and absorbed by the body. So, magnesium stearate will not cause any harm to our body.

Magnesium Stearate Supplier in China

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