3D Printing Alloy Metal Materials Mold Steel M2 Metal Powder

This molybdenum powder high-speed steel M2 has the advantages of great toughness, low caride unpredictability, and excellent hardness. Particle sizes: 0-45mm, 0-53mm, 15-40mm, 15-20-53mm, 10-15-53mm, 30-45mm, 40-105mm. 3D printing can be used

Mold Steel Powder and M2 Powder:

The powder's properties include low oxygen levels and uniform size distribution. This makes powder very valuable in powder metalurgicy, powder printing and powder metalurgicy.

Use in Process: The powder can be used for the following: HIP (powder high isostatic press), laser/electron-beam add manufacturing (SLM/EBM), DLD(laser directly deposition), DLD [laser beam additive manufacturing], DLD (laser indirect deposition], HIP (powder heated isostatic press), and metal injection molding (MIM).

Useable equipment.Powder is compatible with several 3D printers that are made of metal like Renishaw, EOSINT M Series (Germany), and Concept Laser. You can use it by companies and laser melting equipment in the United States. It is used in the research and development for select laser melting devices like Platinum, Huaying and others.

Use iron-based powders to 3D print thin-walled and complex parts.

Product Details: -- 0-45. 0-53.15-53.15-53.15-53.15-53.15-53.15-53.15-53.15-53 and 1553.45-53.45-53.45-53.45-53.45-53.45-53.45-53.45-53- (All types can be customized to customer's specifications.

Chemical composition (weight%)

Type C Si Mn Cr Mo V W Fe
M2 0.8-0.9 0.15-0.4 0.2-0.45 3.8-4.4 4.5-5.5 1.75-2.2 5.5-6.75 Bal.

Powder oxygen and nitrogen content:

Particle size O/ppm N/ppm
From 15 to 53mm <=800 <=600
45-105 mm <=500 <=600

Stainless Steel powder M2 Storage:

Mold Stainless Steel Powder M2 can be affected by damp reunion. Mold stainless steel powder M2 should be sealed in vacuum packaging. You should keep it dry and cool. Furthermore, M2 powder should never be subject to stress.

Packing & Shipping of Mold Stainless Metal powder M2

Depending upon the quantity of Mold Stainless Steel powder, you have many options for packing.

Mold Stainless Steel powder M2 packaging vacuum, 100g - 500g or one kilogram per bag at 25kg/barrel Other options available upon request

Mold Stainless Steel powder shipping M2: Shipment by sea, air or water?as soon as you receive your payment receipt.

3D Printing Alloy Metal Materials Mold Steel M2 Metal Powder Properties

18Ni300 powder
Combination Formula N/A
Motility N/A
Appearance You can find different forms of gray metallic powder (ingot, pieces, or tubing),
Melting Point N/A
Solubility Into Water N/A
Density NA
Purity N/A
Particle size 0-20mm, 15-45mm, 15-53mm, 53-105mm, 53-150mm, 105-250mm
Boling Point N/A
Particular Heat N/A
Thermo Conductivity N/A
Thermal Expansion N/A
Young’s Modular N/A
Exact N/A
Monoisotopic N/A

Safety & Health Information

Security Notice N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Flashing Point N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Security statements N/A
Transport Information N/A
Germany N/A

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