Won The Pop Grand Slam, Gaga Ghines Grammy

On the evening of February 10th, 2019, the 61st Annual Grammy Awards were held in LA. In actors, directors, singers and different identity of free switch between Donald gloucester conductor works with rap “This is America” for the 61th Grammy for best rap performance, best music video and songs, the annual production of the year for four awards, and with the “Golden Hour” the award for best country album album, year, and with the Merry Go ‘Round “to get the simplest country song and best country singer four awards country singer Cathy mas graves, and become the most important Grammy winner. Lady Gaga won 3 awards, creating her the primary major pop creative person in Grammy history to win 9 Grammy awards.

Lady Gaga appeared along with Michelle Obama and Jennifer lopez at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were named best pop group/duo and best film/TV song for his or her song Shallow (more), that was the title track for a brand new star. She was conjointly named best pop singer by Joanne. She has since won 9 Grammy awards, changing into the primary creative person in grammy history to win a serious within the pop class.

Shortly before Lady Gaga with “a star is born” won the simplest histrion award nomination, and currently she won grammy awards for the theme song of the picture once more, stand on the arena she burst into tears, “I am terribly proud to be a part of such a movie concerning psychological state, lots of artists have psychological issues, we want to require care of every different.”

Lady Gaga appeared on stage to sing the song (Shallow) in a water diamond instead, and even the additional star-studded Grammy could not keep her shamefaced.

“They all said I used to be strange, that my appearance, my choices, my voice were deviant. However music told me not to hear their gossip. Music caught my ear, took my hand, connected my voice with my soul, and introduced me to you.” In associate interview with the host, the unconventional Lady Gaga’s response was as original as ever, but touching.