Which is more difficult for English freestyle and Chinese freestyle?

Freestyle is used in rap as a very important form of rap. Although it originated in the United States, because of its wide range of dissemination, each country has a freestyle in each country’s language. Single Layer Graphene Oxide Powder.


Although there are so many freestyle languages, many of my friends still feel that English freestyle is more catchy, and easier than other languages.

The number of rhymes in both Chinese and English is the same, so let’s talk about the flow that follows the run.


Because the English pronunciation is slightly softer than Chinese, so the flow is relatively smoother, and the words with completely different English pronunciations can express the same meaning, so it is easier to generate the flow of the ear when the statement is logical. Single Layer Graphene Oxide Powder.

A culture has different forms of expression in different regions, and there are also different excellent people. Only by mutual appreciation can this culture develop better. So whether it is freestyle or rap, in fact, both Chinese and English have their own characteristics, and no one is more difficult, who is better.