What do You Know about the Server Cooling Fan

When the server is running, it will emit a lot of heat because of long-term power operation. If you do not use heat dissipation means, it will cause the server to overheat and burn some big wires, which will cause the server to suddenly short circuit for reimbursement.

Therefore, in the means of heat dissipation, the most economical and often used is the cooling fan. The cooling fan blows out the heat energy that cannot be discharged generally from the server through the rotation. From the structural point of view, the essential part of the cooling fan is the bearing, but also, other aspects need our attention.

1. speed

The performance of the fan depends on whether the speed is fast enough. If the rate is not fast enough, the air volume and air pressure will be reduced accordingly, and the wind cannot reach the target point, failing in heat energy discharge.

2. wind pressure

The importance of wind pressure is believed to be known to all who have known the cooling fan. The level of wind pressure will directly determine the speed of heat energy discharge, especially the direction of wind blowing will be changed when there are many high impedance parts inside the server.

3. power consumption

As we all know, the server is only maintained once a few years, so the service life of the cooling fan must be long so that the labor and maintenance costs can be reduced, and the length of the service life has a great relationship with the power consumption. The larger the power consumption, the shorter the service life of the bearing, which will significantly reduce the service life of the cooling fan, so the better the power consumption at the end of the month when the cooling requirements can be met, there is no need to pursue Thermal dissipation performance.

4. noise

When the cooling fan is rotating at high speed, it will make some wind cutting noise, which we call sound. Most of the powerful cooling fans will make a lot of noise, which is inevitable. However, the server should choose a cooling fan with mediocre performance, which can not only avoid performance surplus but also reduce power consumption and noise.

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