The Yangtze Music Festival adds Overseas stations, The Scorpion Band Sing In Beijing Shanghai

The Huajiang Yidong 2019 Strategy Release and Scorpion Band Tour China Conference was control in Beijing. It had been declared that the German band scorpion band can hold concerts in Beijing and Shanghai on November 17 and 21. Additionally, the Yangtze International Music competition also will be adscititious to Shenzhen Station, Shanghai Station, urban center Station in 2019, and can go abroad to prevent at overseas sites such as Santa Monica, California, and Montreal, Canada.

The scorpion band from Federal Republic of Germany was based in 1965. within the mid-1980s, the scorpion band sweptback the ecu and yankee music scene with its significant metal rock ‘n’ roll and have become a globally fortunate orchestra. Up to now, the scorpion band has sold-out quite one hundred million records worldwide. they need conferred quite five,000 concerts to fans everywhere the globe, and that they have forever left their handprints on the “Hollywood Wall” and with success entered the “rock”. Hall of Fame”.

In May 2015, the Scorpion Band came to China for the primary time, and also the finale of the Yangtze International Music competition, singing for Chinese fans. On August 14, 2016, the Scorpion Band controlits “Return to Eternity” World Tour China Station at the Beijing staff structure. At the group discussion, the members of the Scorpion Band showed nice enthusiasm for returning to China for the third time, spoken communication that it had been a magic place and gave them a great deal of inventive inspiration.

The Yangtze International Music competition is a vital ecological part of Huajiang Yidong. it’s invited international stars like Backstreet Boys, Demi Lovato and Yoko Ono Lisa to perform in China. In 2019, Changjiang International Music LIVE can open the quick lane. Additionally to the Zhenjiang Station of the originating station, Shenzhen Station, Shanghai Station and urban center Station are going to be adscititious, and also the country gate are going to be opened. it’ll stop at the big apple Station, Santa Monica California station, Montreal Canada, etc overseas stations.