The Sun Hat Is Not Popular, Try This New “Hip-hop Hat”!

Baseball caps and hip hop hats are popular fashion items in recent years. A little fashion pursuit of MM must not be missed. The baseball cap gives a sense of coolness, while the hip hop hat looks stylish. Silicon Nitride (Si3N4). Although these two hats look very similar, wearing the same method is similar, but the MM will still find a difference.

The cap of a baseball cap has a certain degree of curvature. The cap is wider and longer, and has a sunscreen effect. Again, the occasion is different. Baseball caps are more suitable for sports. If you want to swing on the pitch, or play baseball outdoors, the compact baseball cap is absolutely eye-catching; if you are hanging out on the street, or dancing hip-hop, you must wear a hip-hop hat to succeed. Loading it.

Before purchasing a baseball cap, MM first observes his face shape. The baseball cap is generally suitable for wearing a square face, a round face, and a pointed face. In addition, if you are taller, the baseball cap should not be small, otherwise there will be a top-heavy feeling. The short MM also remembers that wearing a hat should be used to avoid weaknesses, and a flat top wide baseball cap is not suitable for you to wear.

The version of this net cap is undoubtedly high. It is very comfortable to wear and does not feel that the hat is very small and the package is very good. The same cotton fabric as the front section is used in the back, and the cold resistance in autumn and winter is very good. The work inside the hat is very good, the lines are straight and the workmanship is very good. The pure color hip hop hat is very simple, a low-key fashion sense, a variety of colors can be selected, the editor likes this blue, very handsome, in fact, it is not difficult to return to simple, if there is a normal heart, most Simple is the best.