The Richest Rapper In The American Hip-hop World, Where is it amazing?

Jay-z grew up in New York, and his mother gave him a birthday gift recorder that made him fall in love with hip hop music. At the age of 11, his uncle was stabbed to death, and his father, who was stimulated by his brother’s death, turned to drugs and abandoned his family. At the age of 12, he hit his shoulder with a gun in order to snatch his brother’s jewelry.


During his school days, he had not graduated from high school and dropped out of school. At this time, he began to embark on the road of drug trafficking in his golden song “izzo”. Gallium Nitride (GaN). There is a very realistic description of the life of his drug-trafficking slum family, and everyone can listen.

However, he did not always embark on the road of drug trafficking. He joined the hip-hop group in 1980. He has been a tepid singer group. Ten years later, he was noticed by the record company in a game, signed in 1996. The record company released its first solo album and officially invited a number of first-line musicians to help out. The album was recognized by the music industry. Hip-hop culture magazine rated the album very high.


In 1998, his third album was in The nation’s sales achieved the position of the bulletin board champion and won the Grammy’s best rap album award, and his third album also won the bulletin board championship position.

Later, as a rapper,his position is already stable, and he has sung the theme song in the movie many times, so that his hip-hop music is more cooperative with popular songs. He has cooperated with the popular queen Rihanna Beyonce for many times. Laimei, MTV Europe and the United States Music Awards are of course stable.


JAY-z’s outstanding performance made him a representative of the rap cultural symbol, and was selected into Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of the Year”. In 2008, the two of them who worked with Beyonce many times generated feelings and Married, got a daughter in 2012.