Taylor Swift Has Announced That She Has Signed With Universal Music

Taylor Swift has sent a long message announcing that she is going to sign with Universal Music, which has an agreement with music cluster to sell shares in Spotify, a legitimate streaming service, to former artists.

The full text is as follows:

I’m excited to announce that my music company will be Universal Music. Sir Lucian Grainge and card game Lipman are wonderful partners for years. I’m terribly excited that they and also the UMG team are the drive for my complete family to maneuver forward. it’s renowned that I will be able to have all my recordings, that also areterribly exciting. It’s vital on behalf of me to own a typical vision of the long run of our business. I’m impressed by the new opportunities created by this nerve-racking world and a dynamical business… I even have a powerful feeling that trends are engineered on the artistic magic of artists, writers and producers and can still thrive.

There is one condition that’s a lot of vital to Maine than the other dealing purpose. As a part of my new partnership with music, I asked them to sell their stake in Spotify and provides the cash to artists. they needmunificently in agreement to the terms, that they believe are much better than what alternative major labels have paid within the past. To me, it is a sign that we’re taking possession a positive direction for creators – a goal i am going to ne’er stop serving to them win, in any way. i’m delighted that Sir Lucian farm has become a partner in these efforts.

I want to say many thanks to Scott Borchetta for trusting me after I was fourteen and guiding me through my work for quite a decade, and that i can forever be pleased with that. I’m therefore grateful to be able to do what I like, particularly with the folks I like. Luckily, the simplest factor I got was fans UN agency cared concerning the lyrics and also the melodies I wrote, their dedication, their trust and their loyalty. My biggest goal is to create you proud. I am therefore excited. I can not wait to inform you what I am aiming to do next.