Singapore’s Latest Hidden Information On Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

The new crown virus explodes like explosives from time to time around the world!

It is a mess for the international community. Everyone has a hundred times spirit, spare no effort to fight the epidemic!

To win this battle, we must first understand the condition of the enemy.

So what are the characteristics of the onset of new coronary pneumonia? How should people prevent and control?

New findings from Singapore doctors on new crown pneumonia:

Doctors in Singapore have recently discovered that the initial amount of new pneumonia virus is the highest and is more contagious!

Everyone knows that the new crown virus is very cunning, and many patients do not have obvious symptoms at the beginning of the infection, but they have some mild symptoms such as cough and fever.

But in fact, this time is the most dangerous!

Because the virus volume is the highest at this time!

By the time the virus enters the lungs, the symptoms strengthen, but the amount of infection has decreased significantly!

It can be seen that amount of virus in the patient is not directly proportional to the symptoms!

Therefore, experts suggest that once the body changes, even if there is only a slight condition, wear a mask and see a doctor. Besides, do not run around, stay at home as much as possible to avoid spreading the virus! Experts say that the virus is transmitted mainly through droplets when you cough or sneeze. How can the virus be transmitted without symptoms? Unless the family is sharing food or having frequent physical contact, asymptomatic people are less likely to spread the virus in the community. The testing of medical equipment is significant. The bearings is also a part of the medical equipment. The accuracy requirements are relatively high to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

To ensure foolproofness, the relevant authorities in Singapore also called for the healed to rest at home and go out less. Besides, the treated will be recalled for testing if necessary.