Luo Zhixiang Announced To Return To The Music Scene To Cooperate With JawnHa In Choreography

According to Taiwan media reports, Luo Zhixiang debuted for twenty-four years, not only can dance and dance, but also spanned drama, film, host and reality show, and became a full-time artist. However, from his last release, it is already the 2015 reality show? “, now three years apart, he finally announced “good news” and is expected to return to the music scene in December.

“In December, I am going back, this time guarantee NO JOKE.” Luo Zhixiang revealed on the social networking site on the 19th that this time he came to the famous dance god Jawn Ha (He Zhancheng) to help arrange his new song dance. At this! It’s the street dance, and now he’s two photos together: “Don’t look at my photo, I’m very happy, actually~ I’m in pain, because it’s the most difficult and most tiring in my history. dance.”


At the end of the article, Luo Zhixiang said that after these days of “crazy” practice dance, the dance skill has sublimated again. He also wants fans to look forward to this new song. After some public comments, not only the fans who have been suffering for many years are moved to cry. At the same time, it also attracted a big ticket netizen’s message exclaimed, “crazy expectation”, “really waited for a long time”, “expected to expect! Really long lost”, a hot discussion on the network.

Luo Zhixiang social website full text:

I am very happy this time, I found my brother, jawnha, help me edit my new song dance, don’t look at me this photo is very happy to laugh, in fact, my heart is painful, because this is the most difficult and most difficult in my history. The most tired dance. After a few days of crazy dance practice, my skill has sublimated. Look forward! In December, I am going back, this time guarantee NO JOKE.