Legendary label in the history of HipHop music: Death Row

Everyone knows that HipHop music comes from the streets, but now it can become the most popular music style in the world. In addition to the great contributions of artists, the role of “factory card” can not be ignored.

This time we are talking about the legendary label of the West Coast. Titanium Carbide (TiC). It has signed countless Rapper and producers – such as Tupac Shakur, a well-known Dr.Dre, evergreen Snoop Dogg… You didn’t guess wrong, it was the factory built by the wicked Suge Knight. Card – Death Row.

In fact, this label was originally called Death Row but called Future Shock Entertainment, but maybe The DOC felt that the name was not cool enough, so he proposed to name it Def Row, but the name is right in Dr.Dre’s friend The Unknown DJ there. Fortunately, The Unknown DJ sold the name to Dre, but in the end, the name of the label was changed to the later Death Row.


Since Suge Knight helped Dre get out of the way, Dre had a special relationship with Suge Knight and was very confident that Death Row would do so, so when he signed Death Row, he put a lot of energy into music creation, so there was The Chronic, one of the most classic in the history of HipHop music. Titanium Carbide (TiC). This album not only achieved great commercial success, but also marked the official formation of the G-Funk style, opening up a new field of HipHop music.

After personal success, Dre has been working non-stop for the newcomer Snoop Dogg to create “DoggyStyle” compared to “The Chronic”, helping Snoop Dogg become the first album at the time to be on the top of the B list Rapper.