Learn More About Hip Hop History: You Must Not Know That Hip Hop Music Starts With A Party

When adults in New York are lost in the discotheque of light exchange, the kids in the Bronx want to find something different to bring a different experience to the deep-water life, and finally they are at the local DJKOOL HERC. The entertainment room party was found.

He hosted the first hip-hop party in history. 1520 SEDGWICK AVE is the birthplace of hip-hop, and the source of hip-hop is from here. But at the time, such entertainment parties were not very easy to organize, and it was difficult. The gang often harassed these parties. At that time, Heck would ask the gang for advice on whether they could do these parties. The gangs liked the songs of Heck. . The first hip-hop party was held on August 11, 1973, and the party venue could only accommodate 40-50 people at most.

Heck also prepared some milk bins for this party. Because there are no chairs and only milk crates, even if there are no chairs, this party is still very successful, and everyone is very happy. DJ RED ALERT (DJ Red Alert) was the first to participate in the Cool Heck party. It was on the west side of the Bronx. The site looked like an abandoned building. The red alert was decided because there were a lot of sites. Girl. But after hearing the difference, I heard the different music, and it was the party of Cool Heck.

Heck’s party feels unreal and their voices are echoed. It feels like echoing the empty mountain and shouting after shouting, but it is not ethereal. On the contrary, the atmosphere created by the Heck party is very exciting and dangerous, but many people are reveling here. If you close your eyes and get close to the sound, you can even feel the music interspersed from head to toe. This is the first party in the history of hip hop music.