Is Hip Hop Really Popular In China?

Hip Hop music and its popular culture have long been in a thriving scene in Europe, America and even Japan. Hip Hop music is far beyond the music itself.


In recent years, the awareness of “hip-hop” in China has become higher and higher with entertainment programs and commercial promotion. This “explosive popularization” has shortened the process of understanding Hip hop, and most people have a better understanding in the future. More about the fine details of this culture, even the entertainment capital took the opportunity to extract the fruits of Hip Hop music…

Back in history, a revolutionary change brought by Hip Hop has changed the way people think about music production. Samples reflect Hip Hop’s creativity and sounds that appear outside of the system. Cycling and other methods of reorganization, you do not necessarily need to be proficient in music theory or musical instruments, the process of “capture, fusion” re-creation has gradually become a new channel for expressing music creativity.


Sampling is one of the main ways of creating Beat Maker, and Beat Music has also become a new musical trend since initially serving Rap Music. Beat sampling from which music is never a standard, as long as it is good, sampling makes rap music almost the best of all music types, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Disco… even all the sounds we hear can become Material, this is also an important force for Hip Hop to recruit a variety of listeners.

For the domestic public, it seems that while escaping the popularity of rap music while ignoring the diversity of culture, as well as the respect and payment of the work that many parties have worked hard to produce, in addition, Beat Maker and producers, there are also many problems in the unsound music industry chain in China.