Hong Kong “Hundred Flowers In Bloom” HipHop, how many do you know?

Although Hong Kong is small, it has talented people. It is also because of the many excellent HipHop musicians, such as the Yellow Peril, the Uprising, and the Words, which are the main force of Hong Kong’s HipHop.


Yellow Percussion YellowPeril, founded around 2000, includes Adv, Chef Chino, DJ Frankie, DJ Prepare, Kidflow,MC Yan, etc. Titanium Diboride (TiB2). They seem to be doing more underground activities.

However, in addition to MC Yan, members of the Yellow Disaster believe that Chef Kitchen will not be unfamiliar. That’s right, this is the kitchen that you can often see in Edison.


Chef Kitchen was a kitchen worker who graduated from the cooking school in his early years. He came into contact with HipHop by coincidence and got to know the same people who like HipHop like Mc Yan, so he joined the yellow disaster and started his own music path.

At the same time, he also met Chen Guanxi because of Mc Yan, and became a member of Edison Chen’s CMD Condensation Group. In Edison Chen’s solo album list, you can see a Mixtape called “Kitchen”, although this Mixtape 69Mixtape is similar, but this is also the first Mixtape in the true sense of the kitchen.

The martial arts uprising 85up2 was established in 2008. 852 is the regional number of Hong Kong. The combined name also means Hong Kong. Members include Kwokkin, Dennis Zee, DoughBoy, Kodie, and Henry.