Hip-Hop Songs That Are Addictive To Everyone!

“Beautiful Liar”

VIXX LR is the first squad launched by the Korean men’s team VIXX. It consists of the inner lead singers Leo and Rap as Ravi. On August 17, 2015, the first mini album “Beautiful Liar” was released. The atmosphere and melody of the title song highlighted the amazing charm of the team. The lead singer, Rapper strength both online, subwoofer Rap plus magnetic treble False melody, two men tell a piece of love story in a very beautiful way.

“I’m very good”

The first song “I am very good” was produced by Gray, and Gray, Sleepy, Loco, and Hoody performed together. It must be said that Gray’s control of rhythm production and melody is really powerful, personal style is obvious, and songs. Always keep up with the trend, not unconventional, with the sound of “Gray” in the background Beat, there seems to be nothing to worry about in addition to the listening of this song. In addition, this song was brushed once on the sound source list last year!

“Don’t give me”

The second song is the song “Don’t Give Me”, which was recently co-produced by Loco and MAMAMOO member Huasha. It is known as “I am on the keyboard”. After the song was published, it has already captured more. The position of the top of the list of sound sources, full of stamina.

“Eyes On Me”

Friends who have given me money in the past year should be familiar with this player. I have participated in two games that gave me money. The strength is strong, but in the end I regret that I have not been able to enter the finals. This is tailored by Dok2. The songs created, the atmosphere of the performance game was once high to the explosion, the mouthgun and high-pitched sounds matched with G.Soul’s Hook melody, which made this slightly elegant Rap singer song add a different charm.


This song is included in EPIK HIGH’s 9th album. Crush is involved in Feat. As for Grush, who has seen a very popular Korean drama “Ghost” should have heard of his OST “Beautiful”. Very soft and delicate sound line with EH songs, the love story that the uncles interpret really does not have a feeling, can not help but say that Tablo’s words are really very interesting and poetic.