Hip-hop Night, Burning Your Little Universe

In recent years, the hip-hop culture has sprung up everywhere, and it has not been known for a long time. From “China has hip-hop” to “Hip-Hello Carnival Night” step by step to bring this niche entertainment element to the public.

“Hipper Carnival Night” is a variety show created by Jingdong and iQiyi. Titanium Nitride (TiN). No matter from which aspect, “Hipper Carnival Night” is very successful. It is also a debut of the audience through such a variety show. Merchants have brought a very impressive IP, and the impact is not far-reaching.

In “China has hip hop”, one thing is very praiseworthy, that is, the program has been set up for each star, representing the six business divisions of Jingdong: home life, fresh, fashion, 3C, Supermarkets, home appliances. This naturally brings the star’s IP and Jingdong’s brand ingeniously together. It is not wonderful! In addition, this way of dividing the team, the embodiment of the hip-hop style is also very in place, laying a wonderful foreshadowing for the follow-up program.


Nowadays, the hot spring of the hip-hop culture has become the leader on the list. The once-unknown hip-hop youth has become a hot star. Behind this fiery form, is there any commercial hotspot worth exploring?

In fact, if we look closely, it is not difficult to find that behind this fiery hip-hop culture, it represents the spiritual utopia pursued by the younger generation, the desire and shout of young people to release themselves! It is precisely because hip-hop culture can bring spiritual pleasure to the younger generation, so it is not difficult to understand that hip-hop culture can get so much attention.