Higher Brothers’ New Album “Five Stars” Shines World Tour Starts

Higher Brothers’ new album “Five Stars” is translated as “Five Stars”, which stands for “High Quality” and also stands for “China”. It emphasizes the cultural background of the team “MADE IN CHINA” and at the same time interprets a spirit of self-confidence, openness and constant exploration. . Compared to the localized rap music of the first album “Black Cab”, “Five Stars” injects more elements of music, multi-language language is connected freely, and under the harmony of different styles of musicians, there is a total of 14 The song’s “Functional Package” – Trap style that Higher Brothers is good at; Boom-bap that instantly returns to the golden age; relaxed Jazz hiphop melody; sweet love songs of Urban, Pop and R&B, and finally embellished some innocuous Mumble Rap.

Before the release of the album “Five Stars”, the first three tracks “16 Hours”, “Open It Up”, “Gong Xi Fa Cai” responded extraordinaryly. The “Open It Up” MV has earned tens of millions of hits around the world and was praised by “Noisey” as “a confident, self-motivated and skillful interpretation of hip-hop music in retro times”; “Congratulations for Fortune” as The “Gifts” of the Chinese New Year are widely used in major music and video platforms, and the popularity has soared.


Up to now, Higher Brothers’ music works have accumulated more than 600 million auditions on the domestic platform, and the first album has received 250 million listeners overseas, and these figures are constantly growing. The fashion magazine “GQ” said: “The success story of Higher Brothers is not only a wonderful story of four children’s dreams, it also proves that the Hip-hop culture is spreading to the whole world.” The oldest and orthodox platform in the history of Hip-Hop in the United States XXL evaluates Higher Brothers: “It is highly regarded as the best point to connect the rap culture of the East and West.”

In 2017, the National Tour of the High Brothers “Black Cab” ended in a full-line sale; in 2018, the Higher Brothers made a perfect end to the year with a number of high-profile North American tours; in 2019, this will be upgraded again. , Higher Brothers opens a world tour called “Welcome to Wisdom WISH YOU RICH”. The tour will start in Chengdu on March 23, and will spread from Asia to North America and Europe. It will be used to contract the entire 2019 with nearly 30 stops around the world!