Hanoi bearing industry market status quo

Bearing is an essential part of machine equipment. The primary purpose of the bearing is to support the mechanical rotating body and reduce the friction coefficient during its movement. And although the bearing is small, in the aerospace and other high-end equipment plays a vital role, so to increase the investment in research and development, continuously improve the quality of the bearing.

According to relevant data analysis, one-third of aircraft accidents are caused by mechanical reasons. Of these, 50 to 60 percent are caused by the engine, and bearings generate a third of the engine. Thus it can be seen that the bearing is an extremely critical component in the aero-engine, and its stability and advancedness directly affect the operation of the engine.

In the process of investigation, local people said: at present, the original bearing is facing the urgent demand, the status quo is not good. We hope to find new technological achievements in various industries. The primary purpose of participating in this activity is to speed up the development and application of bearings through industry exchanges.

At present, the global bearing market is more than 60 billion dollars, and foreign countries occupy the high-end market. One of the main problems is that there is still a massive gap between the experimental testing technology of bearings in Hanoi and the advanced level in the world. Secondly, the bearing material technology, technology, corrosion, and processing accuracy should be improved

Wuxi sparks bearing co., LTD. is a collection research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service in the integration of modern high-tech high-quality rolling bearing manufacturers. We invested a lot of advanced numerical control equipment, and complete sets of precision testing equipment are committed to building a high-quality staff team, introduction of advanced manufacturing technology and management, strict quality control, and environmental protection.

Our bearings are mainly supplied to customers in the mining, petroleum, chemical, coal, cement, heavy machinery, wind power, construction machinery, and other industries. At the same time, our complete supply chain enables us to provide customers with almost all standard and non-standard customized bearings. Our professional engineering and sales teams are willing to take care of every customer’s needs and provide cost-effective solutions to provide customers with a one-stop service.

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