Guinness World Record of Bearing Industry

When it comes to the Guinness world records, I have to think of a sentence “beyond myself, to challenge the limits.” And the Guinness world record of bearing industry was born, which is the steel ball-bearing of NMB company. Let’s start with NMB. NMB is a multinational group headquartered in Japan, with branches and manufacturers in Southeast Asia, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and other places. NMB’s main products are precision micro ball bearings, various high-precision machinery, electronic components, etc. it is the world’s largest micro and small bearing manufacturer, occupying the world’s highest share in the field of micro ultra-precision ball bearings. Therefore, we are not surprised that this company can produce this kind of bearing.

With a diameter of only 1.4978 mm, the ball bearing has been certified by a Guinness World Records Company representative. At the same time, the production of NMB also proves that NMB has the ability to produce the smallest bearing, which lays a foundation for the production of ultra-miniature bearings in the future. The record bearing size is 1.5mm OD, 0.5mm ID, and has six steel balls in a 0.65mm full length. Its compactness and precision accord with JIS code. This represents that this kind of bearing can provide huge production potential for the mechanical industry in the future.

“The 1.5mm outer diameter of steel ball bearing can break the record thanks to our team’s efforts in the whole production process. I’m thrilled that bearings are often ignored,” xiaoshanyuzi said at the light well factory. We are bold to try to make small bearing size and can be put into the market. It made me realize that kungfu is not inferior to those who have intentions, and nothing can not be achieved. ”

Of course, the production makes our life more colorful, but this is not our ultimate goal. Finally, the application of bearings is the focus of our attention. This kind of bearing can be called a “fingertip gyroscope,” its use must be more careful and careful, especially after the installation of the detection and maintenance is particularly important.