G-Eazy, The Hip-Hop Singer With The Highest Facial Attractiveness

Born in Auckland, G-Eazy is a visual artist and a professor at California State University, Fresno. Father teaches carving art, mother teaches photography and printmaking.

When he was very young, his parents often took him to the art gallery and cultivated his unique aesthetics. This also profoundly influenced his album cover design and tour poster production and costume matching.

When he was in junior high school, he began to frantically be obsessed with 2Pac and E-40. At first he wanted to be a producer, but at the time the family was poor and couldn’t afford music equipment. So at the age of 14, he and his mother went to the restaurant for a while, and after a sum of money, he set up a simple recording studio in the bedroom. When the bell rang, he and a group of friends flew home and sneaked into the studio to create music until the night fell. Under the urging of the mother, they reluctantly went to work.

In 2008, he produced and released mixtape “Candy Girl”, which quickly became popular on MySpace. RCA Records found that he wanted to sign with him, but he felt that his ability was not enough to refuse.

After accumulating full strength, in 2012, G-Eazy launched its first album, “These Things Happen,” and it became a hit. With the best score, the third place in the US Bulletin Board album, G-Eazy also started a global tour. In September of the same year, he independently released the album “Must Be Nice”, this time still one person to do all the links, the album quickly climbed to the third place on the iTunes hiphop list.