Former General Electric chairman Welch dies

According to US media reports on March 2. Jack Welch, the former chairman of General Electric Company, died of kidney failure in New York at the age of 84.

Larry Karp, GE’s current chairman, and CEO issued a statement on the 2nd, expressing condolences over Welch’s death. He said Welch had a vast and far-reaching impact on General Electric, and he was eager to win the competition, which is what GE still believes in today.

Welch was born in November 1935 in an Irish family in Massachusetts, USA. He joined General Electric in 1960 and served as chairman and CEO of General Electric from 1981 to 2001. He is respected for leading GE to achieve rapid growth and transformation. He has been named the “Most Outstanding Manager of the Century” by Fortune Magazine, and he has also been called a “neutron bomber” for selling assets and laying off staff.

Since joining General Electric, in 20 years, he has transformed a company full of bureaucracy into a vibrant and vibrant corporate giant. Under his leadership, the market value of General Electric increased from $ 13 billion when he took office to $ 480 billion and has also grown from the tenth-largest company in the United States to the world’s largest profitable company. Retired in September 2001. He is known as “the most respected CEO”, “the world’s number one CEO” and “the most successful and greatest entrepreneur in contemporary America.” Today, 12 divisions of GE have become leaders in their respective markets, and nine divisions have been selected into the Fortune 500. Welch led GE to transform itself from a manufacturing giant to service and e-commerce-oriented corporate giant, making the century-old GE a true industry leader.

In just 20 years, the business legend has increased GE’s market capitalization by more than 30 times, reaching $ 450 billion, and rising from 10th to 1st in the world. The “six sigma” standards, globalization, and e-commerce he promoted have almost redefined the modern enterprise.

The chairman of FAG Bearing said: “For nearly half a century, Welch has been a leader in the hearts of people. He has reshaped the face of our company and the business world; we will inherit his legacy and do what he always wanted us to do. Thing: win. ”