CAS 7440-22-4 Nano Ag powder Silver powder

CAS 7440-22-4 Nano Ag powder Silver powder

Specifications of Ag powder

Ag powder Purity:99% or customized
Ag powder Size:20-100nm or customized
Ag powder Colour: grey
Ag powder CAS No.: 7440-22-4
Ag powder EINECS No.: 231-131-3

Features of Ag powder

Ag powder is a kind of metal silver with nano scale particle size. Most of the nano silver has particle size around 25 nm. According to the tests on Animals, there is no exhibition of being poisoned even if the dosage of silver nanoparticles is thousands of times used more than the standard dose. Meanwhile, it helps to repair the damaged epithelial cells. What worth to be mentioned is that the antibacterial effects of Nano silver powder become more enhanced when in water, which is more effective to the treatment of diseases.
The experts believe that this nano silver anti-bacterial nanopowder can be widely used in the field of environmental protection, textiles and clothing, fresh fruit, food and health.








Bulk Density

Ag powder

99 %







Application of Ag powder 

Ag powder can be used as pharmaceutical antibacterial, disinfectant; some of countries use Ag powder for anti-AIDS drugs, mixed with zinc oxide powder for disinfection; Ag powder used as chemical catalyst. Also, Ag powder used as Antivirus antibacterial material: adding 0.1% silver nanoparticles, the inorganic antibacterial powder, can play an important role in the suppression and killing of dozens of pathogenic micro-organisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurous. Ag powder as a new anti-infective product which has broad-spectrum, non-resistance, free from the pH effects, antibacterial, durable, non-oxidized black and many other properties, Ag powder can be widely used in medical, household fabrics and health care supplies. Adding Nano Ag powder as antibacterial, anti-corrosion coating paint materials can also be used successfully in the construction and the preservation of relics. Manufacturers produce household items that utilize the antibacterial properties of silver nanoparticles. These products include nano-silver lined refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. Nano silver powder for Other current applications: Toys, Baby pacifiers, Clothing, Food storage containers, Face masks, HEPA filters, Laundry detergent. Conductive slurry: Ag powder are Widely used for wiring, encapsulation and connection in microelectronic industry, Ag powder play an important role in the minimization of electronic devices and circuits. Efficacious catalyst: silver nanoparticles can Greatly enhance the chemical reaction speed and efficiency, such as Ethylene oxidation. Biological pharmacy: Ag powder can be used in the cell dyeing and the gene diagnosis.

SEM of Ag powder

Nano High purity cas 7440-22-4 Ag nano Silver powder