Back To Hip-hop, ROCAWEAR Reproduces The Classic Hip-hop Element

From 1970 to the present, hip-hop began to slowly integrate into our lives. In the past two years, the effects of domestic programs, street dance, rap, DJ, skateboarding and other street trends have almost swept all young people.

Girls around

Tights to buy oversize sweater T-shirt

Boys wearing a retro school uniform with a cap

Tightened leg smashed into the stocking

In 2019, all kinds of wearing cultures are combined with hip-hop elements. Boron Nitride (BN). I feel hip-hop comeback but I don’t know how hip hop should be expressed.

Hip-hop trend makes many people do not understand

In fact, these cool external forms

Just a kind of expression of hip-hop culture

Really appealing to young people

It is their inner spiritual harmony with hip-hop culture.

Hip-hop culture advertises true, free, inferior, confrontation,

This is precisely the attitude of the young people’s life.

The four elements of hip hop culture

MC, DJ, hip-hop and graffiti


To explain how the most hip-hop


Hip-hop from scratch

Don’t think of an ordinary hat

You can fool

The most classic hip hop element


The most pure MC culture of black gold

Three-dimensional embroidery supports the cultural content of hip-hop

Metal hardware and fabrics that are not lost

Let the entire COMEBACK series

Players relive the original purest hip hop