Airbus Metal’s 3D Printed Super-Strong Aluminum Alloy Powder Scalmalloy Goes On Sale In China

In September 2020, the metal 3D printing super aluminum a Aluminum Alloy Powderlloy powder material developed by Airbus is already on sale in China! Previously, this high-performance material was listed on the restricted export list, and it was difficult for the Chinese market to buy it.


Scalmalloy is a patented high-strength aluminum alloy developed by the Airbus Group Innovation Center for more than ten years and commercialized by APWORKS in 2014. Mainly used in aerospace applications, its high strength and low density characteristics make it suitable for topology optimized structures designed for weight reduction. Scalmalloy is the world’s first material specially developed for additive manufacturing processes. Due to its high cooling rate and rapid solidification characteristics, it has a unique microstructure and remains stable at high temperatures. Compared with other aluminum alloy powders, it has extremely high fatigue properties, weldability, strength and ductility, which makes it particularly suitable for aerospace, transportation and defense applications.


Scalmalloy is a mixed powder of aluminum, magnesium and scandium, with excellent mechanical properties. Although the density of the material is relatively low, 2.67 g/cm3, it can still maintain high tensile strength (520 MPa) and yield strength (480 MPa). It also has excellent ductility, with a Young’s modulus of 70 GPa and an elongation at break of 13%. The alloy has natural corrosion resistance and exhibits high microstructure stability during heat aging. Users may be able to manufacture parts that were previously impossible with traditional methods, especially prototypes and functional components that are lighter but still very durable.


Scalmalloy combines the essence of the two “worlds” of titanium and aluminum. Carburized alloys have excellent material properties, excellent weldability, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent (low) thermal expansion coefficient, and temperature up to 250°C. It has a very stable microstructure at high temperatures, excellent characteristics of conventional processing technology, and excellent application of various conventional anodizing processes. Scalmalloy alloy has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which can reduce the weight of parts. Compared with traditionally designed and manufactured parts, products printed with Scalmalloy have extremely high added value.