Timbaland Says Missy Elliott's Album Is Finished

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Posted on 04.10.2012
Timbaland Says Missy Elliott’s Album Is Finished
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Timbaland Says Missy Elliott’s Album Is Finished

Five years since Missy Elliott last released an album (2005’s The Cookbook), but Timbaland assures that her upcoming seventh LP is in the can. During an extensive interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Tim explained that Missy had to get back in a mindset to be in artist mode and that it won’t be difficult for her to reclaim her relevance.

“We finished the album. I don’t think it’s the simple word of cold. It’s called figuring your life out,” he said. “I think we only got one rapper that’s a female. It’s not about being cold or hot. It’s about, am I ready to do it again? It comes with a lot of work. For a girl, you got makeup, styling...

“At the end of the day, females need more things,” he continued. “My thing is, are you ready? When Missy do it, she gives 130 percent. Having health issues, you’ve gotta be sure.”

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