Timbaland Interview

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Posted on 04.10.2012
Timbaland Interview
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Video Timbaland Interview

Timbaland On Drake’s Plan To Release Aaliyah Collabo! "It Should Be Me, Him & Missy" + Top 5 Producers, 1st Time Meeting Jay-Z & Nas Back In The Day, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot & More!

"Power 105 1’s The Breakfast Club Interviews legendary producer Timbaland. He discusses how after years of delivering hit records the industry closed their doors on him, discusses Missy’s new album and where she fits in rap’s current landscape, talks about issues with his weight and steroid use, speaks on his bouts of depression, talks on his first time working with Jay Z and Nas, speaks on how he feels about Drake wanting to do an Aaliyah colab,discusses why he gave up Hip Hop a few years ago, tells us where the hell is Magoo, and speaks on who he’s feeling now and what new artist out now will be around in the future." - "The Breakfast Club" 6-10 AM Power 105 1 NYC

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