Pitbull Men in Black 3 Theme Song

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Posted on 03.26.2012
Pitbull Men in Black 3 Theme Song
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Pitbull Releases ’Men in Black 3’ Theme Song

Pitbull Releases ’Men in Black 3’ Theme Song

Pitbull takes a look into the past on his newest release, ’Back in Time,’ which serves as the theme song for the forthcoming flick ’Men in Black 3.’ The Miami native delivers his brand of rap over a beat that samples Micky and Sylvia’s 1950’s hit "Love Is Strange."

The Planet Pit creator commences the track by letting listeners know he’s "reporting live from Cape Canaveral" — a location in Florida famous for launching spacecraft. After name-checking Big Syphe, the song’s producer, he launches into lyrics that describe his hometown of Miami and how he "flipped" the dress code, making "a billion out of 15 cents" and gives some insight into the song’s title — "to understand the future we have to go back in time."

At the 2:50-mark, there’s also a dubstep break, which easily gives DJ’s with a fondness for the genre a place to transition the song into their sets.

’Men in Black 3’ hits theaters May 25.

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