Nicki Minaj and Madonna Kiss

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Posted on 03.26.2012
Nicki Minaj and Madonna Kiss
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Nicki Minaj and Madonna Kiss

Watch Nicki Minaj & Madonna Kiss on the "Give Me All Your Luvin’" Video Set

Last year, Nicki Minaj celebrated her 29th birthday (Dec. 8) while recording the video for Madonna’s song "Give Me All Your Luvin’," which the pair, along with M.I.A., performed at the Super Bowl in February. On the video set in December, Madonna planted a kiss on the rapper’s lips after singing "Happy Birthday" to her. The Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded creator gushed about the experience, taking to Twitter to share the news with her fans. Now a video of the intimate moment reveals just what went down.

"And now your birthday present," Madonna told Nicki Minaj, as she leaned in towards her face and kissed her lips.

"I have to thank the queen, Madonna, for giving me this opportunity," said the "Starships" performer. "I love her so much, and she’s fierce, and she didn’t have to do this for me and M.I.A.... Did you get the kiss with Madonna on camera?"

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