Diggy Simmons Unexpected Arrival Album

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Posted on 03.3.2012
Diggy Simmons Unexpected Arrival Album
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Diggy Simmons Unexpected Arrival Album

Diggy Simmons has released both the cover art and tracklist for his upcoming ‘Unexpected Arrival’ album.

Over the past few years, Diggy Simmons has emerged onto the hip hop scene with a lot of promise. At only 16 years old, the young descendent of Joseph ‘Rev Run’ Simmons has already garnered the attention of many, and built himself quite a fan base in a short amount of time.

The rising star launched his own line of urban sneakers dubbed Chivalrous Culture back in 2010, and graced the cover of the XXL Freshman Class magazine issue the very next year. Now the wait is over as Diggy Simmons preps the world for the release of his studio debut album entitled ‘Unexpected Arrival.’

Diggy has already released two singles to help build buzz for the project including ‘Copy Paste’ alongside the Jeremih assisted single ‘Do You Like It,’ and now we get the official tracklist for the project. There are a few features on the album including the aforementioned Jeremih track along with a Jadakiss and Tank feature.

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