Capo new album Terminal Uniqueness

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Posted on 05.2.2012
Capo new album Terminal Uniqueness
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Capo new album Terminal Uniqueness

Veteran Philly Emcee Capo set to release New Album Terminal Uniqueness.

Capo aka Capo the King a veteran in the Philly battle and hip hop scene is set to release a new album titled Terminal Uniqueness produced entirely by 4th Assassin an underground hip hop producer from New Jersey.

The album is set to release June 9th 2012 on 4th Assassin and Capo’s upstart Independent label Grindhouse Music.

After years of making moves through the Philly hip hop scene battling other emcees and releasing two mixtapes with some well know emcees and producers in Philly titled I Hate Capo and Neighborhood Celebrity. Now Capo is ready to mark his own mark in hip hop with his first offical release Terminal Uniqueness. Shortly after linking up with 4th Assassin in the summer of 2011 they decided to do a full project together and that’s how Terminal Uniqueness was born. The album features guest apperances from Burke the Jurke, Faez One, Godilla, Sic Six, B. Kane, and more. When asked about the album Capo said "This is an older more mature Capo on this album." The first video 100 Proof was released on April 21, 2012 and can be found on youtube.

The release party is set for June 9th 2012 at Redz Bar and Grill in Philadelphia and there will be perfomances by Capo, Burke the Jurke, Faez One, Big O, B. Kane, Sick Six of Krush Unit, and more. The Show starts at 9pm and the album will be available at the release and it will be available on itunes and other online stores.

Capo has earned his stripes for many years in the Philadelphia hip hop scene as a battle rapper and hardcore rap artist. He is an innovative song writer with intense lyrics and versatile flows. Capo is not your run of the mill artist. He has had his fair struggles in life and has overcome many obstacles to be on his way to becoming a household name in the hip hop industry. Capo is not to be considered an "undeground " rapper , although he appeals to a wide range audience. Capo has the sound that will one day be a force to be reckoned with ...keep your ears open for him .

He has worked with and featured on the Following Mixtapes: BGA Vol. 1 and 2, Philly Lockdown, I Hate Capo, White on White Crime, Firm Taqtic’s Term Oil, It’s Always Sunny in Illadel, Sick Six Dead Thoughts, Neighborhood Celebrity. Albums: Sick Six- Pain is Poems, Doap Nixon - Grey Poupon. DVDs: The Hood Keep Callin, Philly Lockdown, Spring Break, Philly Farnheight, Black Sopranos, Who Brung Buzz Back, City Soundcheck Vol. 1. Producers: 4th Assassin, Stress the Whiteboy, DJ Kweestion, Cimer Amor, Rain, Chris Conway, Ruggedness(Batcave), Ganjak, Hitfarmers, DG Beats, HMD, Vice, Level 13, J Brix, Nac, Sev 1, Rob D, Nai. Features: Reef The Lost Cause, Roscoe P. Coldchain, King Magnetic, Doap Nixon, Sandman, Demz, Nico the Beast, Kane, Firm Taqtics, Illit, BGA, Knotz, Vas, Untytled, Sick Six, Biz Mighty, Maulie Blakwell(Montana Blak), N.O.C, Nena Capone, The Sin. Opened Shows for: Keith Murray, King Magnetic, RA the Rugged Man, Chief Kamachi, Side Effect, Reef the Lost Cauze, Doap Nixon and more.

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