50 Cent Sued Over Sample

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Posted on 04.22.2012
50 Cent Sued Over Sample
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50 Cent Sued Over Sample

50 cent is being sued for sampling the 1971 Persuaders tune "Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out" on "Red Rum," part of a collection he released as an online freebie three years ago, TMZ reports.

"Fifty Cents [sic] has not denied the infringement, but appears to be basing his defense solely on a frivolous and immaterial claim that the illegal version is not being commercially exploited, but is given away for free," said Robert Poindexter, the song’s author, in a lawsuit filed in New York.

Poindexter is reportedly seeking $600,000 in punitive damages, plus interest, as well as unspecified amount for statutory damages. The rhymer’s reps have yet to respond.

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